With over eight years experience, Irish make-up artist Nora Stone is amongst the top in her field. Working internationaly across Europe and America with a drive for sucess, Nora brings passion and attention to detail when creating stylish and classical looks for her clients. Currently based in New York, her undeniable talent, skills and vibrant creativity have established her as one of New York’s most ambitious make-up artists.

Nora was intrigued by the transformative power of make-up at an early age. After graduating in 2007, Nora took the first steps of her career in professional salons. She worked closely with qualified beauticans and professional make-up artists to develop her techniques, knowledge and skills.

Her love for make-up allowed her to blossom and grow professionally. Nora’s early determination proved to be enduring, ultimately enabling her to combine two of her passions, make-up and travel. This allowed her to pursue a career in some of the most highly regarded work places across the globe. Her technical skills and endless creative talent have earned her recognition, reputation and success in New York. Working with only the best skin and beauty products, Nora’s creative passion has lead her to transform clients to their most beautiful selves by the use of classical and contemporary modern styles, which help create her signature look. With satisfied clients who add to Nora’s high reputation, Nora has flourished in becoming the successful artist she is today. As a make-up artist, Nora has worked with numerous clients and regards each as a new individual experience. She claims that she has not only developed a professional working relationship with each of her clients but a friendship also.

Nora is currently working as a freelance make-up artist offering door to door services for affordable prices. She offers the finest techniques in skin care and beauty in a relaxing professional atmosphere with a personalized service. Nora is up to date with the latest advances in skin care and therapeutic services. Discover a beauty oasis with Nora, a make-up artist, beautician and skin care specialist. 

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